About us

Lincstech manufactures a wide range of printed wiring boards, 
from ultra-high multi-layer to ultra-thin boards.

Product information

We offer a wide array of unique solutions, as a company that has produced a multitude of products and technologies from familiar items such as mobile phones and personal computers to high-end applications such as supercomputers and semiconductor inspection equipment.

Lincstech’s strengths

Response capabilities

Hearings are conducted by experienced technical staff with specialized knowledge who are involved in the design process. This ensure we can provide a speedy, smooth and realistic response at the engineer level.

Creative capabilities

We provide flexible and creative solutions not only to problems to be addressed and technical improvements, but also to more complex issues. Be safe in the knowledge that you will be working with our team of experienced, professional staff.

Supply capabilities

From design consultations to prototyping before manufacturing and mass production, we have established an integrated manufacturing system to meet the needs of our customers and we offer unparalleled supply capabilities.

Corporate Information

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